This is my notes section, this is where I'll be posting a lot of random tidbits I learned while studying games and the way I managed to understand them.

Some of these concepts are not very easy to understand at first, so my main focus with these notes is to allow you to arrive at the same conclusions I did while looking at the data. So just relax, have a read and learn some new interesting stuff maybe you hadn't noticed. :)

Cornerpush and you - An introduction.

The focus of this article is analyzing how commercial games handle cornerpush, how it compares to MUGEN and learning the all time staple rules for having proper cornerpushing.

This is a nice read if you want to understand cornerpush or if you need to design a cornerpush system.

Read here.

An introduction to memory hacking with ArtMoney.

The focus of this article is learning how to setup and use ArtMoney properly as a tool to obtain data from games. I also cover many tricks that are frequently used to obtain data quickly and reliably.

Read here.