A list of places I frequent or find interesting:


SNK Playmore official website

One of my favorite developers, creators of KOF and many memorable game series. Make sure to check their KOF section!

Capcom World Japan

Capcom's official website, creators of Street Fighter and many other fighting games. Check them out!

Arc System Works official website

Creators of the Guilty Gear and Blazblue series. Check them out!



The art research and studies of Rolento, as well as his MUGEN works. There's a lot of interesting articles here, make sure to check it out!

Ultimate Garou

Home of the full game of the same name by CCIronMugen.

K.O.D's MUGEN page

Home page of one of the best KOF converters. Check out his CLSN tutorial as well.

Logical Bends

Home of the MUGEN works of aokmaniac13 and The_None


MUGEN home of Phantom of the Server. His works are of the most inspiring in the MUGEN world.

walt's sprites

Home of one of the best KOF spriters I know. Check him out!

Mugen Obscurity

The MUGEN home of Cyanide.


The MUGEN works of Jin.

Mugen boards and news sites:


A MUGEN site and discussion board kept by a couple of friends and myself. You can find quality MUGEN works here as well as my own.


A cool MUGEN site and message board that holds a lot of development discussion, game notes and MUGEN works. Check it out!


The home of MUGEN in China. Also the development board of one of the most important full games: The King of Fighters Zillion.

The Mugen Fighters Guild Forum

Probably the most popular english speaking MUGEN board. You will find a lot of tutorials, release news and WIP discussion here.

Mugenchara Blog

This is probably the best MUGEN news site right now. I usually check this every now and then to see what's new, check it out!



Home of my favorite band, MintJam.


The personal homepage of a2c. Guitarist of MintJam.

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